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The New England Chapter Fall 2016 Meeting
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Chapter Membership Dues

     OAEA-NE By-Laws establish voluntary annual dues of five dollars for each member to help cover the Chapter's administrative expenses.  The fiscal year starts on October 1st with a dues drive.  Dues can be paid in person at a Chapter meeting or mailed directly to Secretary/Treasurer Marty Diller at the mailing address on the OAEA-NE web site "Officers/Contact" page.  Please make out all OAEA-NE checks to "OAEA-NE".  If you have any questions about your dues, please contact Marty Diller.


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New England Chapter Fall 2016 Meeting

By Marty Diller,
New England Chapter Secretary-Treasurer

The Chapter returned to the Bull N'Claw restaurant in Wells, Maine, on 24 September, with 51 members and guests in attendance. We were pleased to note that the restaurant bar still offers the "Puckered Pete" cocktail that was created by their head bartender, Robin, at the 2014 Fall meeting. The drink (a mix of apple vodka, peach liqueur, and cranberry juice) was originally named by the Chapter President Nick Pelegrino (VXE-6, 1970-72).

Chapter Business

To open this meeting, member Charlie "CB" Bevilacqua (w/o MCM, DF-I; DF II at Pole) led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance and followed with a recitation of the lyrics to "Taps", in memory of four members who had passed away. President Nick Pelegrino then introduced the new slate of Chapter officers, who are elected every four years. The new officers include: President Dave Hazard (VXE-6, 1970-74); Vice-President Russ White (ASA Det. C, 1962-67 (w/o MCM'66) USARP 1967-68); and Directors Larry Hunter (VXE-6, 1969 - 73) and Jim Kelly (ASA Det. C, 1971-74). Nick Pelegrino (Immediate Past President) and Marty Diller (Secretary-Treasurer) complete the new Chapter Board of Directors.

In other business, member Ash Badger (ASA, w/o MCM 1974-75) requested, and was accepted, as an "At Large" member. Ash had recently changed his residency status from Maine to Florida. Also, the Chapter Education Committee Chair, Fred Santino (VX-6, 1964-66) requested to shutdown the Chapter's "Meet-Up" webpage. The site's traffic had dropped considerably since the Chapter's OAEA-NE Facebook page was established.

When members were given the floor to present items "for the good of the Chapter", Russ White brought up an item of interest he heard at the July 2016 Antarctican Society gathering in Port Clyde, Maine. A meeting attendee there described an effort underway to recover and restore a Fokker biplane lost in Rockefeller Mountains during Admiral Byrd's First Antarctic Expedition (1928-30). This prompted CB to remind attendees of a 1947 crash of a U.S. Navy PBM Mariner during Operation Highjump, in which three crewmembers were killed and buried under a wing of the wreck. He expressed his dismay that the Navy knows the exact location of the crash site, has declared it a historic grave site, and refuses to recover the remains of those crewmembers and return them to their families.

Meeting Schedule

The next OAEA-NE Chapter meeting is scheduled for 1 PM on Saturday, March 25,2017, at the Quonset "O" Club restaurant in North Kingstown, RI.





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OAEA-NE Facebook Page

     The OAEA-NE now has a Facebook page maintained by Chapter member, Fred Santino. Please go to to view the page. You may also email Fred at to post information or pictures, etc. (Please note: You will have to type in the web address because it is not linked directly to this page.)



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